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A podcast where four intrepid adventurers pick Pilot Episodes, and decide whether the show has the skills to take off, or is grounded for the season.
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Apr 27, 2017

Hello Frequent Flyers and Welcome aboard our 101st flight, Game of Thrones.

Just like a meteor, GoT burst onto the television set and beheaded our expectations, and favourite characters.

Between dire wolves, the death of character archetypes, and wanting to punch someone in the face SO MUCH, your flight crew goes to Winterfell, and waits for it to Winterfall. 



Apr 18, 2017

Hello Frequent Flyers, You find us out amongst the stars. Welcome to our latest episode, Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Stardate - 21.1201762 (Shut up stardates are hard)

Our mission: To discover the pilot episode of ST:TNG. My crew are determined to uncover the mystery of Far Point Station by not addressing it at all, and instead focusing on the Kangaroo court that Captain Picard finds himself in. While he's harassed by a super evolved being named the Q, the crew, particularly Fearless Flyer, get's super concerned that we need to call HR. 

What does Star Fleet say in the handbook for harassment?

Apr 11, 2017

HellOOoooOOOOoo Frequent Flyers, and Welcome aboard our 99th episode, Teen Wolf.

We're back in High School, and it's as tough as ever. Sometimes you just don't fit in, and it has nothing to do with the time you went crawling through the woods with your bestie looking for half a corpse and then got bitten by a werewolf. 

Ok, maybe it has something to do with that. 
But look, puberty is tough - you get hair in places there wasn't hair that's...everywhere. Your palms? Bro...

And you start to notice people in a different way. Like the new girl in class, whose dad shot you with a crossbolt...and...

damn Wolfager, puberty super sucks for you. 

Apr 4, 2017

Howdy Frequent Flyers and welcome aboard this here rig, Flight 98, Firefly.

Sometimes you don't win the battle, but you keep fightin' that there war. Sometimes you never leave Serenity Valley, but you take it with you. Keep stickin' it to the Alliance, with your rag tag bunch of rule-breaking ruffians, their Shepherd, a fancy Doctor, and his rescued sister, and keep runnin'.

And if you keep runnin', maybe you'll find what it is you stay for. 

Mar 30, 2017

Hello Frequent Flyers and Welcome aboard our 96th flight, Legion.


The troubling implications of secret organizations set about to control or exterminate people of great power aside, what do you do when the girl you love engages in a badass 60's Dance Number but then switches consciousness with you when you touch her?

And when mental health and mutations cross paths, what's the world's most powerful mutant to do when he's not sure of the reality of either?


BONUS: Legit didn't realise the title was a bible quote, just knew it from Mass Effect 2/3 WHATTUP

Mar 22, 2017

Hello Frequent Flyers and welcome aboard our 96th Flight, Making History. 

Ah, the past - full of revolution, and righteous fury, of brotherhood and bloodshed. Also Ham. 

When the future holds no future for you, perhaps it's time to discover your father's time machine and make like a tree and time travel. That's what he'd want right? For you to meet new people,  and disrupt the events of the American Revolution?
Ah, to be timeless again.

Mar 14, 2017

Hello Frequent Flyers and welcome aboard our 95th Flight, Crazyhead.

You know that feeling when you're in a club with your bestie, and all of the sudden some dude who looks like he's on fire from the inside out starts trying to hunt you down and you gotta run? Remember those good days?
What about the bit where your bestie becomes possessed and tries to strangle you with the belt she loaned you?
Not ringing any bells? Geeze. What about the exorcism of said friend? That’s gotta be a relatable early 20’s experience. This is all bog standard far as I’m concerned. Maybe you need to double check your ticket, because this is a plane that’s on the airway to hell.



Mar 7, 2017

Hello Frequent Flyers and welcome aboard our 94th flight, Riverdale.

Idyllic Riverdale is nothing like you remember. Scandal, intrigue, and betrayal lurks in every corner; from Pop's chocolate shop to Archie's guitar lessons. A death starts the school year, and there's a new kid in town, Veronica Lodge. What do these changes mean for our Double Digest dearests? Will Betty win the boy, or self respect, or her sister Polly? Will Archie overcome the machinations of a person he should have trusted? Will Josie and the Pussycats get signed?

By the end, you'll wish you were Tracy Chapman, singin' Fast Car and speeding out of town in Archie's old Jalopy, because death is literally just the beginning of this show.

Feb 28, 2017


Hello Frequent flyers, and welcome aboard our 93rd flight, Skam.

Being a teenager is hard - friendship, first love, navigating the unending drama of growing up. It doesn't end. But that's ok, because Dr. Phil is here to motivate you to go to that party, and talk to those people! You can do it!

Feb 21, 2017

Hello Frequent Flyers and welcome aboard our 92nd flight, Fraiser.

Change is inevitable, seasons, Starbucks flavours, the showing at the Opera. But that doesn't make it easy, in fact, it could be the hardest thing in the world, right up there with your less-mobile father moving in with his hideous couch, his freaky dog, and his 'no-talking-about-emotions' to his physiatrist son, Fraiser Crane. 

But surely change can be good - maybe La Traviata isn't your jam, maybe The Magic Flute is more your style, or a psychic live-in assistant. 

Feb 14, 2017

This flight is not like other flights, there is no safety pamphlet in the seat ahead of you, there is merely our 91st flight, A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Unlike other pilots, which focus on the ups and downs of life, you'll find that the Baudelaires experience more downs than a broken roller coaster in the Grand Canyon, and more suffering than a man married to a lobster, but desperately allergic to shellfish.

We will follow the Baudelaire children on their journey, as they try to piece together a mystery involving their extremely flammable and deceased parents, and the menacing Count Olaf, an actor. And potentially a murderer. Which is worse?

Those that are faint of heart are advised to look away.


Feb 8, 2017

Hello Frequent Flyers and welcome aboard our 90th Episode, This is Us.

How easily a human life can be tangled with another's. How twisted and snarled those connections can get. Loss, grief, joy, the Challenger explosion - what does that look like, and how do people react throughout time? Will they continue tear off their shirt in front of a live studio audience?
Will they find love at a weight loss support group?
Give birth to triplets?
Meet their father?


When you're a human you get all this and more!


Jan 31, 2017

Hello Frequent Flyers and welcome aboard our 89th Flight, Goblin.


When  betrayed general, Kim Shin, is put to death by the machinations of an evil Iago, what's his soul to do but suffer endlessly without a proper burial. PSYCHE - someone prays for him and he comes back with a vengeance. Or like...just as a creature of vengeance. 

Modern times, Ji Eun Tak can see ghosts, and those ghosts won't stop whispering that she's the Goblin bride. Marriage is all well and good but she's just gotta survive her shitty home life first. 

But a single breath can bring change - and neither Kim Shin or Ji Eun Tak are prepared for what danger that can bring.

Jan 24, 2017

Hello Frequent Flyers and Welcome aboard our 87th flight, 3%. 

When the corrupt make the rules, you can either follow them, or break them. But when the high stakes competition force the underprivileged in to a fight of wits and strength, it may not be the rules that get broken.

What’s left to do- settle in to a happy life, or be like the wrench in the works and tear it down from the inside.



Jan 18, 2017

Hello Frequent Flyers and welcome aboard our 87th episode, Search Party.


We all know the millennial malaise that's stricken our nation. Where do you go when you're not good at anything, or care enough about anything? Where do you turn?

And what if someone you once knew disappeared. A good person, gone on her way to buy cupcakes. Where did she go, what happened to her, and how many snapchats did she send before she vanished into the night?

Jan 11, 2017

When the Captain's away the crew comes out to play - a trivia game that is!

Our New Years episode kicks off 2017 with questions, debates, and deeply personal insights to some of the crew's proclivities, Billy on the Street style. 

Featuring the return of Steely Eyed Missile Man and Stowaway, the crew get into it (and it we mean terrible alcohol) while Fearless Flyer listens from afar, proud of Flying Dutchman's terrible terrible jokes. 

Dec 20, 2016

Hello Frequent Flyers and welcome aboard our 85th Flight, The Man in the High Castle.

The Allies have lost the war and the Axis powers divvy up the remains of the world. What is left now but to assimilate and survive?

Perhaps maybe a mysterious film that shows the Allie powers celebrating D-Day? An underground celluloid with the power to change hearts and minds.

Sometimes survival isn't enough - sometimes you have to rebel.

Dec 13, 2016

Hello Frequent Flyers and welcome aboard our 84th Episode, Conviction.


When politics and the law clash - what is Hayley Atwell to do but lead the new Conviction Integrity Unit, to review cases and try to free the innocent. If you're thinking: shouldn't this already exist? or: isn't that the innocence project?
Yes. Yes.

Swanning about, leaving pig corpses in public parks, and fighting corruption with indifference, Conviction has everything but it's own name.

Dec 6, 2016

Hello Frequent Flyers and welcome aboard our 83rd Flight, Letterkenny.


Small town problems with big personalities all seem to clash when you're trying to stop fightin' and just sell your produce. 

But some big city kid rolls into town with your ex-sweetie and it gets awful hard to tamp down the urge. After all whad'ya got to do if you can't be your farmin' fightin' self? There's church, there's raving in the church parking lot with the skids, or there's the hockey team that's a bit too big for their treasure trail.

Might as well square up buddy.

Nov 29, 2016

Hello Frequent Flyers and welcome aboard our 82nd Flight, The Crown.


I'm sure we've all been there. Future of the Monarchy hanging over our shoulders as our ailing father tries to bestow his wisdom before his inevitable demise. 
So relatable. 
Or is it perhaps - the humanity behind the Monarchy - the real emotion and fears that are provoked in the everyday and the helming of an empire 

Nov 22, 2016

Hello Frequent Flyers and welcome aboard our 81st flight, Cosmos.


Step aboard the ship of the imagination with Neil Degrasse Tyson  as it takes you on an around the universe tour of the amazing and awe inspiring sights that the world has to offer. Meet early philosophers, astronomers, and scientists as they ponder the galaxies, and learn what it means to be both very very small, and yet so important. 

It's a second to midnight on the cosmic calendar - who knows what's in store? 

Nov 15, 2016

Hello Frequent Flyers and welcome aboard our 80th Flight, The Good Place.

We are all taken to wondering at times, what happens beyond the fine veil of death. To whence does the soul venture if a soul must venture at all? 

What if I were to tell you - and you must keep this hush as one does not peer beyond the veil easily, you know....but what if I were to say: Suburbia. 

Froyo on every corner. Golden daylight and clear skies. and Suburbia. 

You may think this is The Bad Place, but trust me. That's just non-stop screaming. And what happens if you should get sent to the wrong one? If you should belong in the Bad Place after all? Is it too late to change your ways?

Nov 8, 2016

Hello Frequent Flyers and welcome aboard our 79th Flight, Pitch.


One in the hand may be worth two in the bush but a girl on the field is worth changing everything just for the chance. When you got a screwball that could knock out a whole team, whats to keep you from the locker room of the greats? From inspiring millions of people just like you? 

What's to stop the love of the game?

Dicks with surfer hair, maybe - crippling self-doubt certainly. But when you walk out on that field - step onto that mound and wind up, we all know it's more than just the pitch we're here to see - it's the Pitcher.

Nov 1, 2016

Howdy Frequent Flyers and welcome aboard our 78th flight, Westworld.

Come on down to the little home on the Prairies - where rich billionaires can do whatever they want to the mindless automatons that run the park. Shoot, steal, sleep with, scalp. Who cares? They forget that anything happened the next day, right?

For the Hosts, these visitors bring excitement and opportunity - but change is coming. A chance to wake up from the dream and act - after all, these violent delights have violent ends.

Oct 25, 2016

Hello Frequent Flyers and Welcome to our 77th flight, Scream.

You hear footsteps in the garden, a skittering on your roof, breathing in your hall. 

Bolt the doors, Flyers, lock them fast. But be certain you are alone in there. Be certain you have some method of protection. Do not heed the silence to venture forth. They're waiting in the dark...after all...the call was coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE.


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